Monday, 11 April 2011

Congratulations to Sara and Matthew Barnsdale!!

Congratulations to Sara and Matthew who got married on the 2nd April at Worksop College! It was an amazing start to the wedding season and everywhere looked just stunning. Firenza Floral Design filled our vintage crystal cut vases with peonies, stocks, roses and tulips. Millions of candles filled our silver candelabras and the brides glass votives. In the chapel we lined the aisle with our hurricane lanterns, pillar candles and rose petals. At the alter we used hanging glass baubles with tea lights on with fishing wire to create floating candle light. Here are a few initial pictures that we took on the day!
Our silver candelabras!
Large Crystal Cut Vase with Peonies
The top table!
Small Crystal Cut Vase with Ranunculus
Betty's first 5-tier wedding cake!
Pew ends moved to the main hall!

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